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  • Complete Main Service maintenance
  • Engineering and design of Main Service and Switch gear
  • Bus way design, installation, and servicing from 200 amp to 10,000 amp
  • Design, installation and servicing of motor control and integration for industrial applications
  • Complete Plant and Process wiring for all applications
  • PLC design and HMI integration
  • Hazardous installations
  • Lighting maintenance and upgrades
  • Full "Turn Key" plant re locations


  • Design/Build new construction projects
  • Design/Build Renovation projects
  • Facility Space Planning - office furniture relocation/reconfiguration
  • Lighting maintenance and upgrades
  • Fire alarm and life safety installations
  • Communication wiring - Voice, Data, Fibre optic
  • Security System installations
  • H/VAC installations and maintenance
  • Boiler systems installation and maintenance


  • Custom home new construction wiring
  • Home renovation projects
  • Pot light installations
  • Outside and landscape lighting installations
  • Pool and Spa electrical installations
  • A/V system wiring
  • Security systems/camera installation




  • Millwright services
  • Machine rigging
  • Complete installation and relocation
  • Fabrication
  • Process and Pressure system installations
  • Pipe fitting and utility connections


  • H/VAC system installation and Maintenance
  • Boiler systems


  • Inside cable structures
  • Voice/data cable installation
  • Fibre optic cable installation
  • Camera systems
  • Wireless LAN installations
  • UPS upgrades

Specialty Services

  • Design Build Generator installations
  • UPS installations
  • Solar System installations
  • Power factor correction studies
  • Infrared scanning and Maintenance

Aireal Truck Services

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  • Overhead wiring installations and maintenance
  • Lighting maintance
  • Outside lighting and pole lighting installations
  • Building repairs and maintenance
  • Bucket truck service