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January 26, 2010
Re: Tri-Unite Systems
To Whom It May Concern:

As our full service electrical contractor Tri-Unite Systems have played a major role in our process system upgrade. Their interest and engagement to the most recent project of upgrading our factory from almost completely manual to fully automated has allowed it to be a very successful undertaking.

With this project being engineered mostly by Organic Resource Management we have looked to Tri-Unite Systems for their expertise and technical ability. With addition of a very complex pumping and process cleaning system, pneumatic control valves, VFD drives and tank level control in a fully functional 24 hr operation facility, Tri-Unite Systems excellent scheduling and planning abilities with plant operators and other trades have allowed us to continue to be fully operational. With the cost of the project escalating Tri-Unite Systems dedication to arrive successfully under budget on schedule has been a great asset.

With their impressive equipment, attention to a safe work environment and dedicated staff, Tri-Unite Systems had shown that they are professionals in the electrical trade and we would be proud to refer them to anyone in need of an excellent contractor.

If you have any questions regarding Tri-Unite Systems, I would be happy to take your call and answer your questions.






Organic Resource Management Inc.
Adam Lem (Operations Manager)
Email: alem@organicresourcemanagement.com
Work: 416.747.6759
Cell: 416.200.3162

PSC Cleaning Systems Inc.
Paul Konopacky (Operations Manager)
Email: paul@pscclean.com
Work: 905.761.1733

Newtonbrook Block and Supply
Art Doener (President)
Work: 905.727.1311